Mechanical Assistance

TRACKMANCYCLING 12H wishes to offer a mechanical service during the competition, allowing you to be relaxed, carefree and be focused only on pedaling.
The workshop services will be covered by KEMO BIKES- BIKE ARISTIDES and well known professionals, who have been servicing Almeria province since 1982.
In the service, labor will be free and spare parts will get 20% discount.

Medical Care

During the 12 hours event, there will be two completed medical teams permanently located at the hospital of the Circuit of Almeria. Besides of two ambulances full equipped to meet the competitors’ medical needs.
Good professionals from Mediterranean Hospital will ensure your safety all throughout the event.

Physiotherapy Care

We would like to encourage the cyclists to bring their effort to an extreme, so from TRACKMANCYCLING and due to the nature of the race, we also offer a service of physiotherapy and massage with the best products. This will be thanks to our collaborator, Fisiocrem, leader in massage products.


You will be welcome to store your belongings in the Organisation’s Box so you could feel relaxed enjoying the event.


During the ride, Circuito Almeria will set up victualling stations with a service of solid and liquid refreshment and various essential products that will be provided to the cyclists in order to replenish lost energy and have a good performance on their bikes.

Solid Delivery:
Banana, Apple, Watermelon, Energy Bars, etc.

Liquid Delivery:
Water, Soft Drinks, Isotonic, Energy Drinks, etc.


Almeria circuit has modern and comfortable facilities to accommodate up to 300 guests, with full open-plan area.
The restaurant is located less than 20 meters from the Boxes and is situated in a strategic high position, with excellent views to the circuit and a large terrace.
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Toilet & Shower

All cyclists and attendees to the event, will be able to use the toilets a Circuit Almería and also the showers facilities once the competition is over.