Is a Great Event of Individual or team Long-distance competition, consisting in cover the furthest distance in the racing circuit in a time limit of 8 hours.

The event will be held on the racing circuit that usually hosts motor sport events.

Four types of registration:

  • Individual (Male & Female)
  • Dual (Male, Female & Mixed)
  • Tamden (Male, Female & Mixed)
  • Team of 3 Cyclists (Men, Women & Mixed 33% Female)

One format:

  •  8H – Resistance.

Teams can register even if they don’t have the final list with the name of all cyclists. Upon registration, it’s only required to identify the captain so a team can sign and make changes until April.
The team captain may make changes to the list of participants until April 4th or close the team; from this date onwards, no further modification will be allowed and the teams will remain locked.

It won’t be compulsory to ride for 8 hours in one go, you can have as many breaks and relay as you have agreed on your strategy.

Cyclists should do the relay as many times as they need (no limit), so well shown by a witness-bracelet.

The relay will take place in an area set up for this purpose (zone Boxes / pit-lane).

It should only be one rider of each team within the circuit.

The winner will be who has completed the most laps during 8h including the time of being the first to cross the finish line.