In TRACKMANCYCLING 12H is offered the opportunity to compete in two formats:

  • 12 Hours-Long Distance
  • 6 Hours Resistance

Both formats have the simultaneous departure time at 08:30 am

To participate you must have Cycling Federation license, if you don’t have it, you must get the Compulsory Insurance provided by the Organisation. Approved Bicycle and Helmet.

According to the established formats, you can participate individually, dual or as four cyclists teams. The teams are registered with an alias name different to the others. The cyclist can only belong to one team which can be male, female or mixed.

This event is open to all cycling fans from 16 onwards, both cyclists federation licensed and a non-federated to whom the Organisation will facilitate to get a Compulsory Insurance to compete in it. Minors must present an authorisation signed by parents or guardians.

You can compete with road bike, time trial or triathlon; any other kind of vehicle is prohibited.

Do not worry, there are many more like you, give us your details and we will put you in contact with other people who are in the same situation. Please send us an email to:

Of course you do not! Have as many breaks and relay according to the strategy you have chosen to use in your race.

It is not mandatory that all teams wear the same components, however it is recommended by the Organisation and the Team of Arbitration in order to have a good identification. Nevertheless it is mandatory to wear a helmet, dorsal, wristband, witness-bracelet when on track, control chip, all of them until the end of the race.

The relay should be done in a well-defined way by exchanging a witness-bracelet in the set up area for this purpose within the Pit Lanes. Cyclists will be held with at least one foot on the ground in the relay lane. It is forbidden to push for starting off the cyclist who joins the track. The speed in Pit Lane is limited.

Cyclists could be joined with team assistants, who may enter the restricted Participation area without extra cost. They must provide the Organisation with the assistants’ identification for delivering accreditations.

  • Individual: 1 Assistant
  • Couples: 2 Assistants
  • Teams: 2 Assistants